North Country Growers ( under construction)

Project:                Hedafor – Deforche Construction group

Cultivation:        Lettuce

Country:              New Hampshire – U.S.A.

Size:                      3,0 ha

Fitchburg – Indoor farming (under construction)

Project                Massachusetts

Cultivation         Indoor farming

Country               USA

Size                       2.550 m²

Baiyi – Linxia

Project:            Baiyi – Linxia
Cultivation:      Rozes
Country:            China
Size:                  3,4 ha

Red Sun Farms

Project:            Red Sun Farms
Cultivation:      Tomato
Country:            Canada
Size:                  11 ha

CrownPoint South

Project:            CrownPoint South
Cultivation:      Peppers
Country:            UK
Size:                  6,9 ha

CrownPoint North

Project:            CrownPoint North
Cultivation:      Tomato
Country:            UK
Size:                  9,4 ha


Project:            Geoponica
Cultivation:       Peppers
Country:            Mexico
Size:                  10 ha

Place Farms

Project:            Place Farms
Cultivation:      Peppers / Cucumbers / Tomato
Country:            England
Size:                   12,8 ha

Green Leaf

Project:              Green Leaf  (Pure Green Farms)
Cultivation:       Lettuce 
Country:            America
Size:                   1,4 ha

High Tech Farms phase 3&4

Project:            High Tech Farms phase 3&4
Cultivation:     Tomato
Country:           Mexico
Size:                  9 ha

High Tech Farms phase 2

Project:             High Tech Farms phase 2
Cultivation:     Tomato
Country:           Mexico
Size:                   4,2ha

WooDeumGee Farm

Project:              WoodeumGee
Cultivation:       Tomato
Country:            South Korea
Size:                   2,8 ha

Garden Invest

Project: Garden Invest
Cultivation: Tomato
Country: Hungary
Size: 3,0 ha


Project: Suffolk
Cultivation: Tomato
Country: England
Size: 5,6 ha

Whole Leaf phase 2

Project: Whole Leaf  phase 2
Cultivation: Lettuce
Country: Canada
Size: 2,4 ha


Project:             Magok
Cultivation:     Plants
Country:           South Korea
Size:                   0,15ha

High-Tech Farms

Project: High-Tech Farms
Cultivation: Tomato
Country: Mexico
Size: 4,2 ha

United Farms

Project: United Farms
Cultivation: Tomato
Country: Mexico
Size: 14 ha


Project: Diepstraten
Cultivation: Blackberries
Country: The Netherlands
Installation: Hoistable LED system


Project: Ichinen
Cultivation: Tomato
Country: Japan
Size:  0,5 ha


Project: Klassen
Cultivation: Vegetable
Country: Canada

Aphria Farms

Project: Aphria Farms
Cultivation: Cannabis
Country: Canada

Rainbow (Thanet Earth TG2)

Project: Rainbow
Cultivation: Sweet Pepers
Country: England

Thanet Earth TG3

Project: Thanet Earth TG3
Cultivation: Tomato
Country: England
Size: 6,7 ha

Botanical Garden Vinpearl

Project: Botanical Garden Vinpearl
Cultivation: Tropical Plants
Country: Vietnam


Project: Robinson
Cultivation: Tomato
Country: England
Size: 3,4 ha

Richel – Tomita – Nankoku

Project: Nankoku
Cultivation: Tomato
Country: Japan
Size: 0,8 ha

Whole leaf

Project: Whole leaf
Cultivation: Lettuce
Country: Canada
Size: 2,4 ha

Golden Fresh

Project: Golden Fresh
Cultivation: Tomatoes
Country: United States
Size: 6,3 ha


Tebarex designed and realised several water technical units for this project.
– 180 m3/hr.  mixingtank unit.
– 11,5 m3/hr. LP-UV sterilizerunit.

Thanet earth TG6

Project: Thanet earth TG6
Cultivation: Cucumbers
Country: England
Size: 6,3 ha


Tebarex realizes Thanet earth phase number 6 and installed the:
– Watertechnical installation
– Elektrotechnical installation for greenhouse and interior
– Growlight system
– Priva climatecomputer and labor registration.


Geoponica II

Project: Geoponica II
Cultivation: Tomato variaties
Country: Mexico
Delivery: HP-UV disinfection unit