Project in 7 steps

Project in 7 steps:

A project cycle of 7 steps will show you how your project will take shape from an idea to a perfect operating greenhouse.

Phase 1: “orientation”
It all starts with orientation of the possibilities with our technical consultant.
Tebarex will advise and implement the customers plans into the total project.
Taking into account the finance, technical options, planning and local circumstance such as climate conditions.

Phase 2: “Develop plan and quotation”
Based on the conclusions made, we begin preparation in which we will draw up an extensive plan.
Collect all relevant information about local conditions.
Define the technical specifications of the design.
Design drawings and technical calculation of the installation. Determination of materials specifications.
Investment calculation and quotation, Explanation of the quotation with the customer.

Phase 3: “Detailed engineering”
Based on the defined project specifications, a detailed package of working drawings will be created. We make use of electrical design tool Intelec, which is based on the IEC 60364 norm. For irrigation design, we are using the 3D design program REVIT.

Phase 4: “Production”
Procurement of the materials, construction of irrigation units and electrical panels.
Preparing materials for transport. Arranging transportation.
We complete this phase of production by performing the necessary tests,
on both the tailor-made parts and the materials delivered by external suppliers .

Phase 5: “Assembly onsite”
The way of installation can be fully dependent on your wishes to build your future greenhouse,
Tebarex provide experienced supervisors for local coordination and computer specialists for commissioning the installation.
Even training and instructing the users is a common assignment.

Phase 6: “Completion”
Testing the installation onsite for its performance. After completing and evaluating the work ordered,
all changes carried out during construction will be incorporated into the working drawings and in the technical documentation.

Phase 7: “Aftersales, service”
The after-sales service is well organized at Tebarex. Together with our service partners,
you will be able to reach our helpdesk and service engineers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.